sacrament FORMATION after baptism 

The experience of a sacrament is a process, a way of living so as to become more Christ-like, living more fully as God’s Holy People.

Sacraments are intended to signify how we live our entire lives. 

Therefore, the formation for celebration of the sacraments of Penance, Eucharist and Confirmation is a developmental process that includes formation at home, in the classroom and within our entire parish community – because in faith a child does not stand alone. 

This formation process includes:

  • ongoing reflections and discussions at home of the lived faith of the family;

  • active and regular participation in a faith formation process generally at least two school years before the sacrament is celebrated;

  • weekly celebration of Mass by the family;

  • faithful attendance by children and parents in parish-wide sacramental formation  sessions.


The sacramental experience continues to be nurtured through ongoing faith formation following the celebration, deepening the reality of that which has been celebrated.

penance & eucharist

Children, with their parents, prepare for these two sacraments at the same time.  Those children who plan to celebrate these sacraments in the second grade should be actively participating in a faith formation process in first and second grades.  Parents will be involved in the child’s classroom during some of the faith formation sessions.  Parents and children will participate in five Sunday afternoon gatherings from October through April for an additional appreciation of the sacraments to be celebrated.


Click here for updated sacrament formation information. 

For more information or to register for these sacraments, please contact the Faith Formation Ministry at 530.677.3234 or

Candidates will celebrate this sacrament in the fall following completion of the formation process. All dates will be announced in the Summer following registration and again at Confirmation Orientation in Fall. In addition to the general sacrament expectations above, Confirmation formation includes:

  • Service to our local and/or global communities (service projects) and our parish community (ministry hours)

  • Fired Up! Diocesan Confirmation conference

  • Confirmation retreat (if you do not attend our parish retreat, a makeup Confirmation retreat within the Diocese of Sacramento is required)

  • Formation sessions focusing on the elements of Confirmation for candidates, parents, and sponsors

For more information about our confirmation options or to register for confirmation, please email The Faith Formation Ministry (FFM) office is located in the Education Center by the flagpole. For more information, please call the FFM team at 530-677-3234 (then “option 2”).

Confirmation candidates are expected to be active in parish ministry in Year 2 (8th grade) with a minimum of 8 hours by May 31.  


Ministry is service within the parish and usually the candidate serves independently of the parent; however, some ministries, like the Greeters Ministry, require parent participation as well.


Ministries for confirmation purposes include:

  • Altar Server Ministry

  • Music Ministry (singing in the Children’s Choir and Youth Band at Sunday Mass)

  • Liturgical Ministry (serving at the Tuesday Mass as altar servers, lectors, cantors, choir, greeters, or sound tech crew)

  • Ministries in which youth can serve with their parents/guardians (for example, Donut Ministry and Greeter Ministry)

  • St. Therese Ministry

Service Project

Service Projects are usually serving outside the parish in the greater local community and a parent and/or sponsor must participate with the candidate. 

Confirmation candidates in Year 2 are expected to complete one Service Project by May 31 of their second year.

High School Confirmation

If your child is of high school age and has not yet been confirmed, we offer a sacrament formation group that meets once a month throughout the year.  Please call the Faith Formation Ministry at 530.677.3234 for more information.

Confirmation for Adults

If you are an adult who has not been confirmed, please see the adult RCIA information page.