what's stewardship?

Our parish life at Holy Trinity has always been centered around our commitment to living -- and modeling for others -- "A Stewardship Way of Life" where, in grateful appreciation for all He has given us, we seek to return to God our own selfless gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

The message of Stewardship is simple:

It's all about gratitude.

It's all about God's goodness in our lives and how we can gratefully lift up to the Lord all that's important in our lives.

It's about giving back to God the first and best in all we do and all that we are.

stewardship is

a way of living at holy trinity

Each year, parishioners at Holy Trinity are invited to make an annual commitment to living as a Christian steward.  Stewardship isn’t a program or just a way to bring in more volunteers or money.  Stewardship is a Way of Living – where Christians see everything good as a gift from God. 


Living as a steward means restructuring one’s life to place God first in all things. 

Living as a steward requires a real commitment to sacrifice and generosity.

Living as a steward requires replacing our desires with God’s desires.

At Holy Trinity, we know it’s a commitment worth the effort.

We give back to God by how we share our:



2019 stewardship renewal

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