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Parish Strategic Plan


Thank you for your faithful commitment to our parish and its many ministries. Holy Trinity Parish Pastoral Council is excited to present our draft strategic plan for 2022-2027. A strategic plan is an organizational management activity used to set priorities and focus resources to accomplish the goals set forth. This plan was developed by the Pastoral Council and identifies areas needing enrichment to better serve our community. This plan does not limit what we are working on, but rather allows us to focus intentionally on areas we see that need more attention.


All parishioners are asked to review the strategic plan and provide feedback on prioritization of each goal and how you may be able to assist in accomplishing them. We welcome your thoughtful input and appreciate your support as we strive to enhance and improve our Parish. Constructive suggestions and recommendations for existing and additional objectives is also appreciated. We have created an online platform to simplify this process and ask all parishioners to participate. Please follow the link to review the strategic plan and then complete a short questionnaire.

The Goals:

Goal I

Build engaging and supportive ministries where youth and young

adults develop and grow in a personal relationship with God, the

Church, and its mission.

Goal II

Provide ways for young families to grow together while developing

their relationship with God through active participation in parish life,

faith formation, stewardship, and prayer.

Goal III

Engage people who are socially or spiritually alone by accompanying

and ministering to them with fellowship, pastoral care, and spiritual


Goal IV

Expand our evangelization efforts to the broader community that is not

active in the Catholic Church.

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