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annual speakers series

Each year, Holy Trinity brings in nationally-known speakers to inspire parishioners to look more deeply at their call to follow Jesus Christ, choosing to develop a deeper friendship with Him. 


Last year over 2,000 parishioners came out to hear the various speakers—including a joy-filled nun from near Disneyland, the dynamic Matthew Kelly, and Fr. Ron Hoye … and his sunflower.

Past Speakers

2022 Parish Mission Night 1 - Sean Forrest

2022 Parish Mission Night 3 - Sean Forrest

2021 Parish Mission Night 2 - Fr. Ron Hoye

January 25, 2021

2022 Parish Mission Night 2 - Sean Forrest

2021 Parish Mission Night 1 - Fr. Ron Hoye

January 24, 2021

2021 Parish Mission Night 3 - Fr. Ron Hoye

January 26, 2021

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