serving in ministry

Getting involved in a ministry at Holy Trinity is an opportunity to extend God’s love to one another by sharing our talents to build God’s Kingdom in our community. Our dozens of ministries are focused around the four pillars of stewardship.

Download a current list of ministries in which to serve here.

Baking and Culinary

   Stewards with culinary skills prepare delicious food for parish events. 

      Contact:  Parish Office   530.677.3234/

Coffee & Donuts Ministry

   Stewards organize coffee and donuts after Sunday Masses.

      Contact:  Holly Barbaccia

De Colores Ministry

 Stewards engage parishioners of different cultures languages by offering ESL classes and hosting events.

     Contact:  Angela Johnson

Hospitality Support

 Stewards plan, set up, host, and/or clean up parish events.

      Contact:  Parish Office   530.677.3234/

Welcoming Ministry

Stewards assist guests at masses and personally visit new parishioners (now to include Zoom visits.)

      Contact:  Bill Clark   530.387.7353/

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Altar Servers

   Altar servers have the privilege of assisting the priest in the sanctuary during the Mass and other liturgical

      functions. Altar server application here.

      Contact: Debra Bickel phone: 650-740-4417

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Stewards explain readings to children at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Sunday Masses.
Contact:  Sherry Berry
         If you wish to be involved in this ministry, please complete the application to serve.

Stewards are commissioned to assist our priest in the distribution of the Holy Communion.​
Contact: Barbara Cameron  530.306.5784/
         If you wish to be involved in this ministry, please complete the application to serve.

Funeral Liturgy

Stewards assist at funerals and memorial services.

      Contact: Kim Koos        

      If you wish to be involved in this ministry, please complete the application to serve.


 Stewards welcome parishioners and guests, assist with collections, and distribute books and bulletins.

      Contact:  Cecilia Terzich


 Stewards launder linens used during liturgy at the Altar. 

      Contact:  Elaine O'Connell   916.933.4578/

Liturgical Environment

Stewards prepare our Church environment for each liturgical season.

      Contact:  Michelle Gianini   530.305.6684/

Stewards provide a variety of music for Mass.

      Contact: Rob Sabino   530.677.3234/


​   Petrus is the Holy Trinity youth band that plays at the 5:30 PM Sunday Mass. Practice on Tuesday nights 

      at 7 PM. Incoming 8th graders thru college. 

      Contact: Matt Retz


Stewards proclaim the Word of God at Mass.

      Contact: Ben Patterson   530.677.2942/

      If you wish to be involved in this ministry, please complete the application to serve.


Stewards prepare the Sanctuary for all liturgical celebrations.


      If you wish to be involved in this ministry, please complete the application to serve.


  Stewards that are responsible for opening and closing Church facilities for liturgical celebrations.

      Contact: Mike Marshall


Stewards assist with the audio during liturgical celebrations and special occasions.

      Contact: Kevin Mooney

Video/Live Stream

Stewards assist with recording and live streaming liturgical celebrations and special occasions.


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Faith Formation Ministry - Service Opportunities

   Adult stewards assist in leading service opportunities for our youth confirmation students.     

      Contact:  Faith Formation Ministry   530.677.3234/

Family Faith Formation

   High school and adult stewards, active in our Catholic faith, assist as catechists for children.

      Contact:  Faith Formation Ministry   530.677.3234/

Infant Baptism

   Parishioners assist our priests and deacons with our baptismal program.

      Contact: Parish Office   530.677.3234/

School Ministry

   Stewards support the school ministry by volunteering in the classroom and assisting at events.

      Contact:  School Ministry   530.677.3234/

   Adults help children with religious education as well as fun-filled activities each summer.

      Contact:  Amy Hagens

Youth Ministry - High School

   Adult stewards help with spiritual and social enrichment for grades 9-12. 

      Contact: Faith Formation Ministry   530.677.3234/

Youth Ministry - Middle School

   Adult stewards help with spiritual and social enrichment for grades 6-8.

      Contact: Faith Formation Ministry   530.677.3234/

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Banking Ministry

   The banking ministry sorts, counts, and deposits collections from the Masses.


Bereavement Ministry

   Experienced in loss, this ministry is available to aid and counsel families who have suffered a recent death.

      Contact: Carmelinda Moy   916-933-4287/        Wanda Matus   916-947-6657

Cancer Support Ministry

   This ministry provides opportunities for spiritual, emotional and physical support for those affected by cancer      at all stages including diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment care. Webpage here. Flyer here.

      Contact: Dcn Dan Haverty or 916-517-6558 or Mr. Gene Haydu at or 530-676-7122

Child Care (for special events)

   Adults provide child care during special events at the parish.

      Contact:  Parish Office   530.677.3234/

Church Cleaning

   The ministry provides the services required to maintain Church cleanliness each Friday morning.

      Contact:  Cheryl Mendonsa   530.677.2342/

Finance Council

   The council provides financial guidance, direction and oversight to the parish

      Contact:  Ken Marquis   916-941-9352/

Funeral Ministry

   Parishioners assist parish families with arrangements for funeral receptions.

      Contact:  Terri Haverty   916.933.2478/

Grounds and Landscaping

   Parishioners help improve and maintain the parish grounds.

      Contact:  Parish Office   530.677.3234/

Heath Education Ministry

   This ministry provides educational experiences and increasing awareness of health care resources.

      Contact:  Rosie Cox   916-215-1523/

Holy Trinity Community Servants

   Serving as the hands and feet of Jesus, stewards help neighbors with small home projects.

         Contact:  Susie Hahh or Deacon Jim Hopp

Human Concerns

   This ministry identifies Human Concern needs and coordinates the activities of various groups in the parish.

      Contact:  Judy Silva   916.955.4202/

Jail Ministry

  Stewards make periodic visits to minister the spiritual needs of the incarcerated.

      Contact:  Bruce Olenchuk   530.677.7129/


   Adults and teenagers provide care in a faith-filled setting for young children at 9 & 11 a.m. Sunday Masses.

      Contact:  Moira Little   916-712-9405/


   This ministry assists in folding, labeling and sealing of mailings for the parish.

     Contact:  Jackie Beard   530-677-4477/

Office and Clerical

   As needed, these stewards assist with data entry or other office work in the parish offices.

      Contact:  Parish Office   530.677.3234/

Respect Life Ministry

   With the support of the entire parish community, the ministry promotes awareness and ongoing prayer for the

   respect and protection of the sacredness and dignity of human life.

     Contact: Ed Lewandowski   530.626.4248/

St. Therese Ministry

   Stewards help the parish community with various one-time tasks according to their abilities.

      Contact:  Parish Office   530.677.3234/

Visits to the Homebound

   Stewards take the Holy Eucharist – and offer spiritual and emotional support – to homebound parishioners.

     Contact:  Margaret Kirchgater   530.676.3251/

Vocations Ministry

   With the support of the entire parish community, the ministry plans and executes activities that promote
   awareness and ongoing prayer for vocations.

     Contact: Dennis O’Rourke   530.672.8872/

Haiti Ministry

  Working with the Haiti180 organization, we send monetary support and organize mission trips to the Haiti180

  location. See the Haiti Page.

     Contact:  Espie Woolever           

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The word “ministry” comes from the Greek word “diakoneo” which means “to serve.”  In the New Testament, ministry is seen as service to God and to others, and Jesus himself provided the model for Christian ministry, centered not on our own needs but on those of others in our community.  At Holy Trinity, we classify as “ministries” those parish-sponsored organizations and groups which primarily exist to provide a service to our greater faith community.

Our parish also provides many opportunities for prayer and faith-sharing, as well as other organizations which are fraternal and social in nature.  Although these groups are not considered ministries of the parish, we encourage all parishioners to consider sharing in one of these faith-filled and community-building groups. 

Affiliated Lay Organizations

Holy Trinity Knights Council 12394


Founded in 1999 through the efforts of our first Grand Knight, Bob Hamer. We faithfully build upon the traditions and heritage of our Council by providing a Catholic fraternal example to our brothers, families, and the community at large through the Knights of Columbus's principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information.