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kurowski Kenyan orphans


Holy Trinity parishioners Julianne and Joe experienced a call from God to go to Africa in the year 2000.  They settled in a small town called Kisumu near Lake Victoria.

Joe worked on water projects, while Julianne, finding herself surrounded by orphaned street kids when she went to town, decided to take six boys and put them in boarding schools.

However, their first orphan was a little five-year old girl, Maurine Adhiambo, with a serious medical problem.  Maurine was the beginning of what was to be a life-long commitment. 

Mercy and her brother Francis were soon to follow.  Both parents had died, and the older brother was caring for them. They were destitute.  The Kurowskis offered to educate and care for the children.

growth & progress

Joe and Julianne continued to live in Kisumu, Kenya, for 3 1/2  years until their visas ran out.

During this time they took in more orphans. They returned home to the US, but continued to stay in close communication with the children. They also returned to Kenya twice a year to spend three weeks with their orphan family.

Stephen, one of their original street boys, went on to graduate from Maseno University.


In 2018, the Kurowski family continues to prosper ... and grow.

Meshack, also one of their original street boys, attended Maseno University, is now a teacher and married with a little girl named Jewel.

Christine -- Maurine’s sister -- finished her schooling, married and now has a little girl named Julianne Kurowski.

Continued Support

Julianne and Joe continue to care for and educate four children in elementary school and three in vocational school.


They also provide counseling,

medical care and unemployment as needed for the rest of

their family.

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