know Jesus.

"So I ask you:       

are you looking for empty thrills in life, or do you want to feel a power that can give you a lasting sense of life and fulfillment?  Empty thrills or the power of grace?  What do you want: empty thrills or the power of fullness?  To find fulfillment, to gain new strength. There is a way.

 It is not a thing or an object, but a person. His name is Jesus Christ."

Pope Francis

At Holy Trinity, our greatest desire is for you to know Jesus. 

We don't want you to know about Jesus.  Or to think about him as some historical figure.  Or just as a great man who performed miracles.

We want you to really know Jesus.  Personally.

Our hope is that you develop a personal friendship with our Lord -- because it is the one friendship that lasts for all of eternity.

With great joy in the Risen Christ, we invite you to  walk with Jesus here at Holy Trinity.