in solidarity with
the people of Haiti

As stewards of the many blessings given to us by our Lord, we at Holy Trinity take seriously our mission to live as disciples, sharing what we have been given with those who don’t have nearly the material abundance we do.

Focusing on the Pillars of Stewardship, we commit to reaching out in:


We will enter into solidarity with the Haitian people, developing ongoing relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ.

We will remember the Haitian people in prayer because our prayer unites us with them.


We will learn more about the Haitian people – their faith, challenges, traditions, humility, and simplicity of life.

We will find ways to help improve the living conditions of the Haitian people,

while helping them become more self-reliant.

Hail Mary Video


Holy Trinity Parish is in partnership with Haiti180, a Catholic mission in southwestern Haiti, serving our Haitian brothers and sisters in the villages of Duverger and Danndann.  For more information on Haiti180, visit

July 2019 Mission Trip

Mission trip 2019.jpg

Holy Trinity Parish sent a team of 17 missionaries on a life-changing mission trip to Haiti. The work being done at Haiti180 to serve the most vulnerable of God’s children is amazing and humbling.

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Sean visited Holy Trinity Parish in September 2018.  In this video, Sean teaches our first-fifth grade students "Hey Yo, Kay Mari (House of Mary)!", a song he wrote about his mission in Haiti

A year for haiti

In July 2016, Holy Trinity undertook "A Year for Haiti." 
We invite you to review some of the highlights of the year.