The New Evangelization

Its Roots

The word "evangelism" comes from the Greek word "euangelizomai," which literally means "to bring Good News."  In modern times, Pope Paul VI wrote emphatically, “Evangelizing is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church, her deepest identity.  She exists to evangelize … .”

Although the Church has always made evangelization a priority, it was Saint John Paul II who challenged Catholics to begin a "New Evangelization."  In 1983, he addressed the Catholic bishops of Latin America in Haiti and said: “The commemoration of the half millennium of evangelization will gain its full energy if it is a commitment, not to re-evangelize but to a New Evangelization, new in its ardor, methods and expression.”  This marked the first time Saint John Paul II used the term “New Evangelization” as the theological concept of proclaiming the Gospel anew to those already evangelized, as well as to those who have never heard the Gospel's message.


At Holy Trinity, we want to help people choose to be deliberate disciples.

We focus the New Evangelization -- the bringing of the Good News of Christ -- on three inter-connected audiences:

  • Ourselves -- because we recognize that our commitment to being a disciple of Christ is an ongoing and lifelong journey.

  • Christians who have heard the basic Christian message but mistakenly believe that the message of Christ has nothing of value to offer them.  They may be called the "disengaged" or "fallen away."

  • People who have not yet encountered Jesus and the Gospel, often referred to as the "unchurched."


There is no one way to help people get to know Jesus.

At Holy Trinity, we think sharing the Good News of Christ is all-encompassing and involves our:

  • Head - we can't be afraid to speak the Good News, to speak about Jesus, to tell others about our personal friendship with Jesus and how He has changed our lives.  

  • Heart - we grow closer to God and one another when we allow the Holy Spirit to enter our hearts, allowing the Good News to permeate our hearts

  • Hands - we work to build the Kingdom of God on earth, just as Jesus did, by serving others and witnessing the Good News by how we live our lives

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